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Every two, five and seven years, a company finds itself needing to upgrade something to do with its network systems. These events usually include some sort of migration of data, server versions, application versions or hardware changes. Now, in the world of the cloud or hosted networking, entering the mainstream, migrations such as above, as well as whole network moves to a colocation data center’s virtual environment, hybrid migrations where part of your server network moves out of your office and some stays for various reasons, or some other variation on that theme. The wave of the present future.

The latter of the two areas of migration is becoming common for even large enterprise organizations. Supporting an on-site server systems has become an extraordinarily expensive endeavor, and it is so, both on the capital expenses, utilities, real estate, as well as the labor to keep up with the three-, five- and seven-year scenario. These cycles of financial exercises and ongoing personnel investments, in many cases are finding a more consistent and predictable cost structure over all, by getting the servers out of a business’ office and into a cloud-oriented format.

We have performed migrations to the cloud from a simple, one-server move to entire network infrastructure, all through utilizing all the benefits of virtualization technologies and the convergence of hardware resources that make the cloud possible.