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Working at Agility

We take responsibility for client-networked IT systems that support client business activities using a team approach. When working for us, one is part of a team that enables clients to use technologies. The goal is to make them more competitive.

One tool that we use to achieve this result is a ‘holistic’ Managed Services approach. We work with the latest in virtualization, cloud computing and high-availability technologies. We leverage familiar and industry-standard solutions to keep small- and medium-sized businesses in step with their industries and find technologies that enable their success.

We advocate thorough and deliberate management of the technology tools that our clients need and rely on to operate. We emphasizes the need for a strategic, hands-on, cooperative style of relationship management and service delivery. Combined with a technical and experience-rich team of consultants and managers, we are adept at delivering an unmatched value proposition to a wide variety of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Overall, we are an IT partner, intending through strong professional relationships and business-centric technical solutions to guide and advise our clients. From the desktop to the boardroom and everything in between, we share with with our clients how to best utilize computers and technology.

Successful consulting team members exhibit the following characteristics

  • Ability to build professional relationships at all levels – ‘C’ level through end-users.
  • Desire to work closely with peers, managers, and clients to elevate a business and technical acumen. This includes exchanging ideas, thoughts, peer-review, etc.
  • Our consultants are comfortable and confident as sales support/sales engineer. (This is not a sales position but sales support/initial engagement help only.)
  • Ability to give constructive criticism to peers, managers and sometimes clients.
  • Ability to receive constructive criticism positively.
  • Provide potential solutions when problems exist, rather than just trying to assign or avoid blame.
  • Manage difficult professional social situations calmly and tactfully.
  • Find better, more efficient ways to bring value to peers, clients, and clients’ I.T. systems.
  • Desire to learn and maintain technical certifications offered and supported by us.
  • Share knowledge through developing training or presenting to peers and clients.

What if someone has a current client base?

We often times hire consulting staff members that have clients of their own. We work with consultants on a case-by-case basis for clients that follow them to us. Every person, company, and client is different and the event of joining a firm like ours can allow a consultant to retain those clients whose great relationships they would like to preserve. There is value in consultant-client relationships, and we find ways to compensate for this value if the relationship is kept in good standing and fits within the types of clients that we manage.